UC-One Connect – Initiate a Three Way Call

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What you need to know:

Adding efficiency through the introduction of Auto Attendants to automatically route calls or the use of the Monitoring feature to increase the visibility of a user’s phone status are common benefits of the BroadSoft service.


UC-One Connect allows you to place and receive business calls over the cellular network using your business phone number. This article provides details on how to initiate a three-way conference call.


How to Initiate a Three-Way Call

  1. To create a three-way conference call, while you are on an active call, click the Options icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  2. Click image for large view
  3. Then, choose Conference.
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  5. You can then select from your contacts or dial a number to call. Once they have answered the call, the three parties will automatically be added to the conference call.