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What you need to know:

To enable Users to download and use the UC-One for Desktop and/or the UC-One for Mobile Applications you must enable sharing of these applications to the Users.

Assigning Clients to Users

To allow a user to download and use the UC-One applications (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet), first set up Sharing to their Soft Clients.

  1. Login to the My Account Portal.
  2. Click the My Site tab.
  3. Select a site from the list on the left.
  4. Click the Share a Line quick link.
  5. Click the user (anywhere in the row) that you would like to set up.
  6. Click Edit.

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  1. Select the endpoint type “Soft Client”.
  2. Check the “Shared” Checkbox for the UC One applications.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Once the Soft Clients have been shared, the user will see them in Mobile App and Desktop Softphone area of the My Phone portal. The User’s ID will be displayed from My Phone, and the Password is the same Password used to log in to My Phone.
Maximum Number of Shares for Premium Stations: 35
Maximum Number of Shares for Standard Stations: 5